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µEZ® FreeRTOS Rapid Development Platform


FreeRTOS USB, File System and TCP/IP rapid development environment FreeRTOS GUI

uEZ TCP/IP, USB, Touchscreen and file system
uEZ Open Source Software Modules

FDI uEZ GUI Products with NXP LPC1788
Watch a uEZ GUI video

A uEZ GUI Touchscreen Kit

uEZ (pronounced muse) is an open-source rapid development platform, developed by Future Designs, Inc. It provides application developers with an extensive library of open source software, drivers, and processor support, all under a common framework, and all pre-ported to FreeRTOS.

All uEZ components interface through an abstraction layer to allow rapid porting to any microcontroller, and the download includes several completed board support package (BSP) ports for selected Renesas and NXP microcontrollers.

uEZ embedded software and uEZ GUI kits provide FreeRTOS users with a complete and ready made hardware and software platform on which to develop their FreeRTOS applications. Whether it be controlling anything from a medical dispenser to a cooking appliance through a touch screen interface, the uEZ family of products is a cost-effective way of supplying a simple touch screen interface that any user will immediately recognise and be able to control.

µEZ GUI Kits

The pre-ported board support packages target uEZ GUI hardware kits, and include file system, graphics, touch screen, USB, accelerometer, peripheral drivers, WiFi and Ethernet modules.

The boards can be purchased individually as development kits from several catalogue distributors, or in quantity as OEM modules. Custom modifications can be created to ensure the hardware meets your personal production specification.

The uEZ GUI family provides all you need to get started when creating GUI applications. Designed to be used as an "off-the-shelf" Graphical User Interface (GUI) or Human Machine Interface (HMI) in a variety of end customer applications. The miniature, self-contained design is suited to be embedded directly into products and FDI offer prepackaged versions for stand-alone use.

µEZ+ / Bootloader

FreeRTOS Bootloader
The uEZ+ Bootloader package allows your firmware to be upgraded in the field using an SD card, USB flash drive, or even over a serial interface such as Ethernet or USB. The uEZ+ Base Bootloader (BBL) re-sides in on-chip flash memory space and takes care of loading the application. It also searches external sources such as an SD card or USB drive for valid application updates, loading any updates it finds at startup.

The Bootloader is part of FDI's uEZ+ product offering, which is a licensed component that must be purchased from FDI and registered before use.

Typical µEZ Hardware Kit Features

  • LCD Panel up to 7.0" with integrated Touch or PCAP Screen
  • Renesas / NXP CPU's running up to 120MHz (with 512KB internal Flash)
  • Up to 8MB of TSOP SDRAM
  • Optional up to 16MB of external TSOP NOR FLASH
  • Up to 4GB MicroSD Memory Card (MicroSD card appears as a USB Flash Drive to the PC)
  • NV Data Storage via 4kB Internal EEPROM
  • USB Device Mini-B for power and PC communications
  • Low power, Real-Time Clock with Supercap Backup
  • On-board Speaker
  • 3-axis Accelerometer
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Mini-JTAG Debug Connector
  • Optional Haptic Feedback
  • Optional Ambient Light Sensor (ALS)
  • Optional GainSpan WiFi Module
  • Fine Pitch I/O Connector for External Expansion:Serial Ports, UART, I2C, SPI, USB Host/Device, RMII interface for Ethernet 10/100

µEZ Driver and Middleware Components

  • USB
    • USB Host Interface
    • USB Device Controller
    • HID (Human Machine Interface)
    • MSD (Mass Storage Device)
    • CDC (Communication Class Driver)

  • On-chip Peripheral Drivers
    • Serial Interfaces (SPI, SPI, UART, etc.)
    • Audio
    • etc.

  • TCP/IP

  • File System

  • Displays / Graphics
    • LCD Controller
    • Touch Screen
    • Character Displays
    • Various Graphics Libraries

  • Non-volatile Memory
    • EEPROM
    • Flash
    • SD Cards
  • Off-chip Peripheral Drivers
    • GainSpan WiFi
    • Redpine Signals WiFi
    • Accelerometers
    • Etc.

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