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LPCOpen Walk Through
Getting started with LPCOpen and FreeRTOS


These 'walk through' pages provide a series of practical examples that are intended to demonstrate how LPCOpen's low level functionality and ready to run examples enable rapid platform development, allowing you to focus your development time on application design much earlier in the development life cycle.

LPCOpen can be used with or without FreeRTOS. The presented examples demonstrate some of the additional benefits that can be obtained from LPCOpen when it is used in conjunction with FreeRTOS, should the complexity of the application being designed warrant it.

The series of walk through pages are intended to be viewed in turn. The first practical example is of an LPCOpen project that does not use FreeRTOS, with following pages demonstrating how to efficiently incorporate the the functionality of the first example in an LPCOpen project that does use FreeRTOS.

Walk through pages:

  1. Downloading the tools and importing the LPCOpen package
  2. Making use of the USB drivers in the LPC microcontroller hardware (without FreeRTOS)
  3. Experimenting with the LPCOpen FreeRTOS TCP echo example (with FreeRTOS)
  4. Adding the USB functionality into the FreeRTOS TCP echo example
  5. Using simple FreeRTOS techniques to massively reduce CPU usage

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