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[Optional] Step 8: STM32 MCU Power Consumption Estimates

Although not directly related to the creation of a FreeRTOS BSP it is worth noting another great STM32CubeMX features; Given an STM32 ARM Cortex-M microcontroller selection, a battery selection, and a user-defined execution sequence (speed, power mode, etc.), STM32CubeMX provides an estimate of:
  • The average power consumption
  • The expected battery life
  • The average DMIPS obtained.
This information can be viewed in a variety of charts:

STM32 MCU power consumption calculation results
The estimated power consumption calculate for each user defined step in a sequence

STM32 MCU sleep mode power consumption chart
The estimated power consumption by sleep/run mode and duration

STM32 peripheral power consumption chart
The estimated power consumption by analogue/digital peripheral

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