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[FreeRTOS Embedded File System API]

unsigned char f_rmdir( const char *pcDirectoryName );

Remove a directory from the embedded FAT file system. Only empty directories can be removed.


pcDirectoryName   The name of the directory being removed.

F_NO_ERROR   The directory was removed (deleted).

Any other value   The directory was not removed (was not deleted). The return value holds the error code.

See also

f_chdir(), f_mkdir().

Example usage:

void vExampleFunction( void )
    /* Create a sub directory called subfolder, and sub directory within
    subfolder called sub1. */
    f_mkdir( "subfolder" );
    f_mkdir( "subfolder/sub1" );

    /* The directories can be accessed here. */

    /* Delete the two sub directories again. */
    f_rmdir( "subfolder/sub1" );
    f_rmdir( "subfolder" );
Example use of the f_rmdir() API function

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