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[FreeRTOS File System Media Driver API]

typedef long ( *F_GETSTATUS )( F_DRIVER * pxDriver );

This function is only required for removable media. The implementation must return the status of the media.


pxDriver   A pointer to the F_DRIVER structure returned by the call to F_DRIVERINIT() originally used to initialise the drive being queried.

0   The drive can be used.

Any other value   The implementation can return one of the following status codes:

Status Code
F_ST_MISSING The media is not present (it has been removed or was never inserted).
F_ST_CHANGED Since F_GETSTATUS() was last called the media has either been removed and re-inserted, or a different media has been inserted.
F_ST_WRPROTECT The media is write protected.

Example usage:

A worked example is provided in the RAM disk driver available from this web site.

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