The Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX) is a family of standards specified by the IEEE Computer Society for maintaining compatibility between operating systems. With FreeRTOS+POSIX, an existing POSIX compliant application can be easily ported to FreeRTOS ecosystem, and thus leveraging the entire AWS IoT service stack.

FreeRTOS+POSIX partially implements IEEE Std 1003.1-2017 Edition The Open Group Technical Standard Base Specifications, Issue 7. It currently supports:

Please see each above header file for detailed FreeRTOS+POSIX implementation of POSIX.

To adopt FreeRTOS+POSIX in your project, these porting related header files are needed.

FreeRTOS platform specific POSIX configuration High Level Description
FreeRTOS_POSIX.h. This header file brings in dependencies required by FreeRTOS+POSIX. This file must be included before all other FreeRTOS+POSIX includes.
FreeRTOS_POSIX_portable_default.h Defaults for port-specific configuration of FreeRTOS+POSIX.
FreeRTOS_POSIX_portable.h Port-specific configuration overwrite of FreeRTOS+POSIX. As an example, /lib/FreeRTOS-Plus-POSIX/include/portable/pc/windows/FreeRTOS_POSIX_portable.h, Windows simulator uses the defaults, thus does not need to overwrite anything.