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FreeRTOS+Trace Ports and Porting

Porting: Time Stamp Generation

It is possible to use the FreeRTOS tick count as the trace recorder time source, and the trace recorder C code is delivered with this generic configuration. However, using the tick count will result in a very low time resolution, so it is highly recommended to adapt the trace recorder to a particular hardware platform by instead sourcing time values from a high resolution hardware timer.

A template file called trcPort.c is provided for this purpose. The file contains a function that should be implemented to return the current time, which can be the value of the hardware counter used to supply the FreeRTOS tick. Please refer to the comments in the file for detailed instructions. The FreeRTOS+Trace recorder code also also needs to know the frequency at which the timer is running. [The hardware timer used to supply the FreeRTOS tick is usually configured by a function called prvSetupTimerInterrupt() in the FreeRTOS port.c file used by your FreeRTOS application.]

Existing Ports

Existing ports are listed on the Percepio web site.

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