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FreeRTOS+UDP was removed from the FreeRTOS kernel download from FreeRTOS V10.1.0. See the FreeRTOS+TCP stack, which can be configured for UDP only use, as an alternative.

[Ethernet Driver Porting API]

xNetworkBufferDescriptor_t *pxNetworkBufferGet( size_t xRequestedSizeBytes,
                                                TickType_t xBlockTimeTicks );


Obtains from the IP stack a free network buffer descriptor that (optionally) references a free Ethernet buffer.

pxNetworkBufferGet() must not be called from an interrupt service routine (ISR).


xRequestedSizeBytes   The size of the Ethernet buffer to obtain and reference from the returned network buffer descriptor. The size is specified in bytes.

If xRequestedSizeBytes is zero then the returned network buffer descriptor will not reference an Ethernet buffer (the reference is set to NULL).

xBlockTimeTicks   If a network buffer is not available then the calling task will be held in the Blocked state (so other tasks can execute) until either a network buffer becomes available or the specified block time expires.

The block time is specified in RTOS ticks. To convert a time specified in milliseconds to a time specified in RTOS ticks divide the time specified in milliseconds by portTICK_PERIOD_MS.


Successful calls return a pointer to the obtained network buffer descriptor. Unsuccessful calls return NULL.

Example usage:

Examples are provided on the Porting FreeRTOS to a Different Microcontroller page.

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