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SafeRTOS Deliverables

SafeRTOS is delivered as a source code and documentation certification package.
This is called either a Design History File, or a Design Assurance Pack, depending
on the nature of the end user application.

Source Code

SafeRTOS is delivered as source code. An example pre-configured, compilable, and runnable project is included to ensure the software is up and running in the minimum time, with the minimum effort.

Certification Evidence

Certification evidence is provided in a Design History File (DHF) or more comprehensive Design Assurance PackageTM (DAPTM), depending on the nature of the end user application.

The DHF or DAP contents are tailored to both the criticality of the end users application, and the regulatory standard being used. The contents always comprises of all or a subset of the documents and source code listed in the table below:

Getting Started
SafeRTOS User Manual
SafeRTOS Safety Manual
Upgrading from FreeRTOS to SafeRTOS
Software Version Description
Software Development Plan
Software Configuration Management Plan
Software Test Plan
Software Safety Management Plan
Customer Requirements Specification
Software Requirements Specification
Architecture Software Design Description
Detailed Software Design Description
Test Procedures
Software Test Description
Test Harness Build Procedure
Test Scripts
Test Results
Software Test Report
Individual Test Logs
Investigations Arising from HAZOPS
API Usage Safety Review
Evidence Supporting IEC61508-3 SIL3 Claim
IEC 61508 Compliance Matrix

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