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SafeRTOS Usage Scenario #1

Single Simple Microcontroller

Using SafeRTOS on a single simple architecture microcontroller
Lower criticality applications

This is the most basic usage scenario. It can be used in lower criticality applications, on simple microcontrollers that don't support memory protection, or where the application just does not make use of any memory protection that might be available.

SafeRTOS and the application both run in a privileged mode and share a memory space. As a result, all the software running on the microcontroller must conform to the standard required by the assessed system safety integrity level.

Why Use SafeRTOS in this Scenario?

Writing safety critical software is expensive and time consuming. Using a safety certified kernel reduces the amount of software that you need to write, and simplifies the software you do have to write. This is because SafeRTOS abstracts away timing information - making your code smaller, more modular, easier to test in isolation, and ultimately and most importantly, easier to maintain. The business case for the resultant fewer lines of application code is less cost, and a faster time to market.

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