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Atmel Software Framework
Peripheral Drivers, Components and Services - With FreeRTOS Integration


ASF Structure. Click to enlarge.

A software design process for the Atmel Software Framework
Watch the ASF Video.
The Atmel Software Framework is a free and comprehensive package of drivers, components, services, utilities and example projects. Many of the example projects use FreeRTOS.

Each peripheral driver is cross referenced to applicable Atmel microcontrollers and development boards, allowing the ASF Wizard included in Atmel Studio to down select from the available drivers to only display the drivers relevant to the hardware in use. The step by step workflow example provides more detail, and demonstrates how the ASF and the ASF wizard fit into a fully integrated development process.

Layer Description
Drivers Low level register interface functions to access a peripheral or device specific feature.
Services Modules that provide more application orientated software, such as USB classes, a FAT file system and graphics libraries.
Components Drivers that access external hardware, such as DataFlash, NAND flash, graphics displays, text displays, touch sensors and wireless interfaces.
Boards Provides the mapping of digital and analog IO pins used by Atmel's development kits.

Driver and Middleware Components

  • USB
    • USB Host Interface
    • USB Device Controller
    • HID generic
    • HID keyboard
    • HID mouse
    • PHDC
    • MSD (Mass Storage Device)
    • CDC (Communication Class Driver)

  • Serial Peripherals
    • SPI
    • I2C
    • UART
    • CAN
    • LIN

  • TCP/IP (with lwIP examples)

  • File System (with FatFS examples)

  • QTouch / Touch Sensors

  • Cryptography

  • Power Management

  • Displays / Graphics
    • LCD Controllers
    • OLED Controllers
    • Touch Screens
    • Character Displays
    • Various Graphics Libraries

  • Non-volatile Memory
    • DataFlash
    • SD/MMC Drivers
    • NAND Flash
    • EEPROM
  • Other Peripherals
    • GPIO
    • ADC
    • DAC
    • Audio
    • DMA Controllers
    • Clock Controllers
    • Watchdog Timers
    • Peripheral Timers
    • PWM
    • Etc.

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