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Atmel Studio Integrated Development Environment
With FreeRTOS Awareness


Atmel Studio is a sophisticated free development environment. It provides everything needed to seamlessly edit, build, download and debug applications on Atmel microcontrollers. Atmel Studio also manages and provides a direct interface to the Atmel Software Framework, and is able to directly access the Atmel Gallery. Atmel START generates pre-configured and build-ready Atmel Studio projects (Atmel START also support IAR, Keil and makefile projects).

The images below highlight some advanced features of Atmel Studio. The step by step workflow example provides more detail, and demonstrates how the features fit into a fully integrated development process.

Automatic Recognition of Connected Hardware

Plug an Xplained Pro or Ultra board into your host computer and you will be presented with a selection of useful board specific links - including links to ASF and Atmel START (if the hardware is supported by Atmel START) example projects that are compatible with the connected hardware.

FreeRTOS drivers for Atmel SAM
Click to enlarge

Integration with the Atmel Software Framework (ASF)

Atmel Studio provides a direct link between application software and the Atmel Software Framework (ASF).

The integration allows you to:

  1. Select from a list of target specific example projects, each of which demonstrates one or more ASF components (touch, graphics, USB, file system, networking, peripheral drivers, etc.). Many of the example projects include FreeRTOS.

  2. Add board specific components (touch, graphics, USB, file system, networking, peripheral drivers, etc.) to an existing project.

Creating USB projects using the Atmel ASF wizard
Creating an example project using the
integrated ASF wizard. Click to enlarge.
FreeRTOS BSP components
Selecting drivers, services and components to
add to an existing project. Click to enlarge.

Integration with the Atmel Gallery

The Atmel Gallery is an online library of Atmel Studio extensions. You can access the gallery, download extensions and install extensions all from within the Atmel Studio IDE.

FreeRTOS plug-ins in the Atmel Gallery
Click to enlarge

FreeRTOS Kernel Awareness Debugging

FreeRTOS and FreeRTOS+Trace aware Atmel Studio plug-ins are available from the Atmel Gallery.

FreeRTOS kernel aware debugging in Atmel Studio
Click to enlarge

FreeRTOS Kernel Awareness Tracing and Profiling

Atmel Studio includes Percepio Trace.

FreeRTOS RTOS trace and profiling
Click to view the trace and profiling webinar slides

Powerful Source Code Editing

Atmel Studio comes complete with Visual Assist X, for enhanced productivity.

Editing FreeRTOS source code
Click to enlarge

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