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Atmel START Web Based Design Tool
Intuitive graphical configuration for Atmel SAM embedded projects


Atmel START is an innovative, graphical, web based tool that allows for intuitive configuration of Atmel SAM embedded software projects.

Atmel START takes the productivity advantages of the Atmel Integrated Development Platform (IDP) concept to the next level by enabling:

  • Selection of a microcontroller part.
  • Selection and configuration of pin functions.
  • Configuration of system and peripheral clocks.
  • Selection and management of software components including drivers and middleware.
  • Intelligent management of hardware and software dependencies.
  • Intelligent management of hardware constraints.
  • Round trip management - projects generated by Atmel START can be loaded back into the web interface for re-configuration.

Atmel START is capable of outputting Atmel Studio, IAR, makefile and Keil projects that are specifically tailored to your hardware and are build ready. Atmel START also provides complete example projects for off the shelf Atmel evaluation boards.

Atmel START is an online web based tool, which has the following advantages over wholly offline tools:

  • Nothing needs to be downloaded or installed.
  • Atmel are able to update the software and components they support immediately, rather than needing to wait for the next ASF release cycle.
  • The source files are generated to be specific to your hardware, allowing for less use of the C preprocessor and therefore cleaner code.

The images below highlight some advanced features of Atmel START. The step by step workflow example provides more detail, and demonstrates how the features fit into a fully integrated development process.

Device Selection

Atmel START facilitates part selection by allowing you to filter parts by architecture, package, peripherals and available drivers. Selecting a part is the first step when creating a new Atmel START project.

Selecting an embedded processor
Click to enlarge


The Dashboard displays an overview of your Atmel START project. The Dashboard:
  • Highlights, and allows you to easily correct, configuration conflicts
  • Enables additional drivers and middleware to be added to the project and configured
  • Provides easy access to datasheets and sales information

Using Atmel START to correct a microcontroller configuration error
Correcting a configuration error highlighted
in the Dashboard. Click to enlarge.
FreeRTOS BSP components
Adding additional software components to
the Atmel START project. Click to enlarge.

Pin Configuration

In the pin MUX window pins can be selected, and then named and configured, by selecting the pin either in a table or in the graphical representation of the chip. Highlighting a pin in the table highlights the same pin in the graphic, and vise versa. Conflicting selections and configurations are automatically highlighted, and alternatives are suggested.

Configuring a processor hardware pin
Using the pin MUX display to configure
pin PD0. Click to enlarge.

Clock Configuration

In the clocks window oscillators can be enabled, configured and routed to system clocks, which can then themselves be configured and routed to hardware blocks.

Using Atmel START to configure the embedded processor clocks
The clock configuration automatically
generated by Atmel START. Click to enlarge.
Editing embedded processor clock configuration
Using the Atmel START interface to edit
the clock configuration. Click to enlarge.

Saving, Exporting and Importing Projects

Atmel START projects can be saved for future editing, and exported as Atmel Studio, makefile, IAR or Keil projects

Saving an Atmel START embedded processor project
Saving an Atmel Studio project.
Click to enlarge.
Exporting an embedded project to an embedded development tool
Exporting an Atmel Studio project.
Click to enlarge.

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